What Are Gift Catalogs?

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About Gifts-To-Give Catalogs?

Gift Catalogs are a collection of identically priced name-brand merchandise, pictured in a full-color book. Every catalog comes with a redemption card good for one of any of the gifts depicted. Gift Catalog pricing includes the cost of the gift, shipping and handling to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States, the Deluxe Gift Booklet Presentation Packet, postage-paid order card, and instructions how to order online. Gift Catalogs are grouped by dollar value. This allows you to give each of your gift recipients a choice of many gift options, and ensures that they will pick a gift at the exact value you intended. Of course, this is accomplished without ever disclosing the actual value of the gift. Gift Catalog merchandise will clearly identify you as the giver, and your gift recipients will always remember where and how their gift was obtained. Over the years, each time they use the gift that they selected, a silent "Thank You" is heard. That constitutes a memory value for you and your company.

Gift Giving Made Easy

It's Simple!   It's Fun!   It's Fast!

What the Gift Giver Does

  • Determines how much to spend
  • Orders from Gifts-To-Give the Catalog in that price range
  • Selects Print Catalog Service or Express Service if catalog(s) needed quickly
  • Enjoys the praise received from the gift recipient

What the Gift Recipient Does

  • Gets excited when they receive the gift catalog
  • Selects the gift that is wanted or needed
  • Fills out the post paid selection card and drops it in the mail or goes on the internet to place the order for the selected gift item.
  • Gets excited when gift arrives at the home or office

When To use Gift Catalogs?

Gift Catalogs are ideal for any of your gift-giving plans to customers, employees, vendors, volunteers, members, etc. Some common uses for Gift Catalogs are:

  • Years of Service and Retirement Awards
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Performance & Recognition Awards
  • Appreciation Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Recruiting

The wonderful thing about Gift Catalogs is that they are the perfect gift-giving option. You, as the gift giver, have only one decision ... choose which gift level to award. You do not have to spend your time wondering if the gifts you purchase are something that will appeal to all of the diverse tastes and interests of your recipients. Gift Catalogs ensure that the recipient receives a gift they desire, because they pick their own gift.

How To Get Started

There are 5 steps in using Gift Catalogs:

  • 1. Identify what dollar value(s) you would like to spend.
  • 2. Identify how many gift booklets you need at each value.
  • 3. Reference the web site to identify the corresponding collection name(s) with the values chosen.
  • 4. Determine how and when you would like to distribute the Gift Catalogs (hand them out personally or mail.
  • 5. Select and personalize the theme insert sheet to match the gift occasion.

Each of your gift recipients will receive their own Gift Catalog. This catalog pictures only items at the dollar value you have chosen for them. The process is simple for the recipient. They pick the gift of their choice and fill in the enclosed redemption card. The card is pre-addressed and postage-paid, so the recipient only needs to drop it in the mail. The card goes directly back to Gifts-To-Give for processing. They can also use our new online ordering site http://www.gifthdq.com/redeem to order their gift selection over the internet.