Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is a Gifts-To-Give gift catalog?

Gift Catalogs are a collection of identically priced name-brand merchandise, pictured in a full-color book. Every catalog comes with a redemption card good for one of any of the gifts depicted. Gift Catalog pricing includes the cost of the gift, shipping and handling to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States, the Deluxe Gift Booklet Presentation Packet, postage-paid order card, and instructions how to order online. Gift Catalogs are grouped by dollar value. This allows you to give each of your gift recipients a choice of many gift options, and ensures that they will pick a gift at the exact value you intended. Of course, this is accomplished without ever disclosing the actual value of the gift. Gift Catalog merchandise will clearly identify you as the giver, and your gift recipients will always remember where and how their gift was obtained. Over the years, each time they use the gift that they selected, a silent "Thank You" is heard. That constitutes a memory value for you and your company.

Gift Giving Made Easy

It's Simple!   It's Fun!   It's Fast!


What the Gift Giver Does

  1. Determines how much to spend
  2. Orders from Gifts-To-Give the Catalog in that price range
  3. Selects Print Catalog Service or Express Service if catalog(s) needed quickly
  4. Enjoys the praise received from the gift recipient


What the Gift Recipient Does

  1. Gets excited when they receive the gift catalog
  2. Selects the gift that is wanted or needed
  3. Fills out the post paid selection card and drops it in the mail or goes on the internet to place the order for the selected gift item.
  4. Gets excited when gift arrives at the home or office

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When To use Gift Catalogs?

Gift Catalogs are ideal for any of your gift-giving plans to customers, employees, vendors, volunteers, members, etc. Some common uses for Gift Catalogs are:


Years of Service and Retirement Awards

Holiday Gifts

Performance & Recognition Awards

Appreciation Gifts

Birthday Gifts


The wonderful thing about Gift Catalogs is that they are the perfect gift-giving option. You, as the gift giver, have only one decision ... choose which gift level to award. You do not have to spend your time wondering if the gifts you purchase are something that will appeal to all of the diverse tastes and interests of your recipients. Gift Catalogs ensure that the recipient receives a gift they desire, because they pick their own gift.


How To Get Started

There are 5 steps in using Gift Catalogs:

  1. 1. Identify what dollar value(s) you would like to spend.
  2. 2. Identify how many gift booklets you need at each value.
  3. 3. Reference the web site to identify the corresponding collection name(s) with the values chosen.
  4. 4. Determine how and when you would like to distribute the Gift Catalogs (hand them out personally or mail.
  5. 5. Select and personalize the theme insert sheet to match the gift occasion.


Each of your gift recipients will receive their own Gift Catalog. This catalog pictures only items at the dollar value you have chosen for them. The process is simple for the recipient. They pick the gift of their choice and fill in the enclosed redemption card. The card is pre-addressed and postage-paid, so the recipient only needs to drop it in the mail. The card goes directly back to Gifts-To-Give for processing. They can also use our new online ordering site to order their gift selection over the internet.


Deluxe Gift Catalog Presentation Packet

The Gifts-To-Give gift catalog presentation comes with a heavy white Catalog Jacket. To go along with the with Catalog Jacket there is a set of Jacket Seals. You have your choice of what seal you would like to use for your catalog presentation.


If you would like to have personalization (such as a company name or company logo), it is available on a custom made insert sheet. These sheet are a value added, no extra cost feature of Gifts -To-Give Gift Catalogs. Send us your company logo and the wording you would like. we will place it on your custom made insert sheet.


Gifts-To-Give is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of your participants and we back that statement up with our Pledge of Satisfaction... You must be 100% satisfied when you receive a merchandise award from Gifts-To-Give. If you are not, it will be replaced or exchanged for an item of equal value, without question. We even cover the cost of return shipping in the event that it becomes necessary to fulfill our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our objective is to provide a gift service that will excite and delight your gift recipient. We will do all we can to make sure that they are happy with your gift.

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What You Get For Your Money?

Printed Catalog Service


  1. The gift item selected by gift recipient
  2. Full color gift catalog
  3. Custom printed Insert Sheet
  4. Custom printed envelope
  5. Mailing of gift catalog to gift giver or gift recipient*
  6. Delivery of gift to recipient (Shipping cost included in the cost of catalog)
  7. E-mail address and toll free number for gift giver customer service
  8. Toll free number for recipient customer service
  9. 100% satisfaction guarantee


These printed gift catalogs will have a custom Insert Sheet that will be inscribed with the gift givers name and a personal message of up to 30 words. The gift catalog will be sent directly to the gift recipient or to the gift giver if that is requested. The catalog will be in an attractive custom printed envelope that will have the wording "Just For You" printed on it.


The mailing cost is included in the cost of an individual catalog that is redeemable. Mailing is not included for incentive programs using "Dream Book" Catalogs as part of the promotion for the incentive program. We do offer an extra cost Mail Service for this type of program.


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What companies are purchasing our catalogs?

Here are some of the companies with whom Gifts-To-Give has had successful incentive gift giving experiences.

  • Adirondack Trailways - Holiday
  • American Society of Anesthesiologists - Holiday
  • AT&T Wireless - Sales Incentive
  • Avalon Risk Associates - Holiday
  • BroadCloud Communications - Holiday
  • Con Edison - Employee Gifts
  • Frito-Lay, Inc. - Holiday
  • Georgia-Pacific - Safety Award
  • HFC - Holiday
  • Inova Fairfax Hospital - Holiday
  • Kimberly-Clark - Safety Award
  • Lancaster Schuermann Distributing Co. - Sales Award
  • LSG Sky Chefs - Holiday
  • Mercury Air Group - Holiday
  • MZD Advertising - Years of Service
  • Nova Technology Sales - Holiday
  • NTX Interiors - Holiday
  • Pacific Bell - Sales Award
  • United States Postal Service - Safety & Attendance
  • First Data Corporation - Employee Incentives
  • New York State Electric & Gas Corp. - Safety Program
  • NYNEX Mobile Communications Co. - Sales Incentive
  • Press Pack of America Inc. - Sales Incentive
  • Home Show U.S.A. Inc. - Sales Incentive
  • Empire of America Co. - Sales Incentive
  • Source One Wireless - Holiday Gifts
  • Empire National Securities, Inc. - Sales Incentive
  • Niagara Frontier Hockey Corp. - Sales Incentive
  • Rochester Americans Hockey Club - Sales Incentive
  • Intertech Inc. - Sales Incentive
  • High Tech Windows - Employee Gifts
  • Metroclean Express - Holiday Gifts
  • American Envelope Co. - Safety Program
  • Mutual of Omaha - Sales Incentive
  • Metro Community News - Sales Incentive
  • Quality Coatings Inc. - Customer Holiday
  • United Sleep Products - Sales Incentive
  • Welco Technologies - Safety Program
  • Syncrofilm Services - Customer Gifts
  • Meg-Cor Supply Co. - Customer Sales
  • Matai (USA) Inc. - Christmas Gifts
  • Southern Michigan Bank & Trust Employee - Holiday Gifts
  • Personal Computer Rentals (PCR) - Holiday Gifts
  • Davenport Tool - Employee Holiday Gifts
  • Texprompt - Client Holiday Gifts
  • Trigent Marketing - Client Gifts
  • Sound Packaging Inc. - Safety Program
  • Gratitude Yachting Center - Holiday Gifts
  • Southdown Inc. - Safety Awards
  • The Spice Hunter - Sales Awards
  • HFC - Sales Awards
  • American Design & Build LTD - Sales Promotion
  • Karl Suss America, Inc. - Service Awards
  • Equistar Chemicals - Safety Awards
  • Packaging Corp of America - Safety Program
  • Firstel Federal Credit Union - Customer Gifts
  • Nationwide Club Administers - Incentive Program
  • Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania - Service Awards
  • Henry & Horne, P.L.C. - Holiday Gifts
  • Wheel of Fortune - Holiday Gifts
  • Cast Nylon Limited - Safety Awards
  • Taco Bell Corp. - Sales Awards
  • Eagle Community Credit Union - Custom Gifts
  • Jelly Belly Candy Co. - Years of Service Awards
  • Rem Eyewear - Sales Promotion
  • Noble Affiliates, Inc. - Safety Awards
  • Manistique Paper Inc. - Holiday Gifts
  • Unishippers - Internet Sales Program
  • Hansgrohe Inc. - Internet Sales Program
  • Claim Temp Solutions - Sales Promotion
  • Comprehensive Health Management, Inc. - Holiday Gifts
  • CHI Institute
  • Dixie Construction Company - Holiday Gifts
  • Delta Funding - Sales Contest
  • Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc. - Holiday Gifts
  • Great Lakes Plumbing & Heating
  • Jackson Hewitt Tax Service - Sales Promotion
  • Lewis & Clark Drug - Service Awards
  • Nashville Express Tour Trains - Holiday Gifts
  • Orlando Sentinel - Sales Promotion
  • Universal Restoration Services, Inc.
  • Camcast Cable - Years of Service Awards
  • Peace Harbor Hospital - Service Awards
  • Rugby Manufacturing - Safety Awards
  • D & B Construction Company
  • All Purpose Window & Doors - Sales Promotion
  • Mega Marketing, Inc. - Sales Promotion
  • Creative Management Solutions - Referral Program
  • TMX Aerospace
  • Floral Works Inc. - Years Of Service
  • Illinois Eastern Community Collage - Years of Service Awards
  • Double S Foods - Sales Promotion
  • K&H Corrugated - Safety Program
  • Amberg Consulting - Sales Promotion
  • OSG Norwich Pharmaceuticals - Years Of Service Awards
  • Austin Gutterman
  • Axiem Inc.
  • Aquakleen Products, Inc.
  • Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • Bee Electronics Inc.
  • Brune Abrasive Service Co., Inc.
  • Baltimore Gas & Electric CompanyCareer Education Corporation - Appreciation
  • Cardinal IG - Years of Service
  • Claim Temp Solutions, LLC - Incentive Program
  • Comprehensive Health Management, Inc. - Years of Service
  • Expansion Seal Technologies - Years of Service
  • Sarnafil Inc. - Safety Program
  • Emerson Process Management – Appreciation
  • Enterprise Computer Systems - Incentive Program
  • Faller, Davis & Associates - Years of Service
  • Genesee Intermediate School District - Years of Service
  • Great Western Homes - Years of Service
  • Hilton Garden Inn - Appreciation Gifts
  • Hilton Atlanta - Appreciation Gifts
  • ImageFIRST - Years of Service
  • Johnson & Dix - Years of Service
  • Jackson Walker L.L.P. - Staff Appreciation
  • Leverage Team, L.L.C. - Appreciation Gifts
  • Landmark Structures - Builders Incentive Program
  • MCGB, Inc. - Referral Program
  • Matanuska-Sustina Borough - Years of Service
  • nuVision Fiancial Federal Credit Union - Years of Service
  • Old Repunlic Title - Holiday Gifts
  • PG&E - Performance Awards
  • Pliant Corporation - Safety Program
  • RB Royal Industries, Inc. - Years of Service
  • Storis Management Systems – Sales Contest
  • Sundown Ranch, Inc. - Years of Service
  • Sage Health Services, Inc. - Sales Contest
  • Universal Restoration Services - Holiday Gifts
  • Wilton Industries - Years of Service
  • WeatherMasters - Incentive Program
  • AST ElectroFin, Inc. - Years of Service
  • Bavarian Inn Restaurant - Years of Service
  • Clark Hunt Construction Inc. - Holiday Gifts
  • Clark-Linsey Village - Attendance Awards
  • Detroit Airport Marriott - Years of Service
  • VacuCoat Technologies - Holiday Gifts
  • Daly Merritt Inc. - Appreciation Awards
  • Sand & C Travel - Appreciation Gifts
  • Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corporation - Years of Service
  • Glenroe Technologies - Years of Service
  • Stephenson Equipment, Inc. - Performance Awards
  • Ortho Specialties - Customer Loyalty
  • NCQA - Years of Service


Plus Thousands of individual people who sent gift catalogs to friends and relatives.

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What is the guarantee on your merchandise?

All participant contact is handled by our Participant Services Department. We provide a toll-free number for participants to use for any inquiries regarding their merchandise order. Merchandise in our popularly priced plateau categories is stocked in the warehouse, ensuring timely and accurate shipments. Every merchandise award is shipped prepaid and is fully guaranteed. All merchandise is guaranteed to arrive in first-class condition. If it doesn't, we reship immediately and assume the expense of return shipments. In the rare instance a shipment is delayed beyond our normal processing/shipping time, the participant will be sent an Award Order Acknowledgment notifying them of the temporary delay.

Gifts-To-Give is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of your participants and we back that statement up with our Pledge of Satisfaction... You must be 100% satisfied when you receive a merchandise award from Gifts-To-Give. If you are not, it will be replaced or exchanged for an item of equal value, without question. We even cover the cost of return shipping in the event that it becomes necessary to fulfill our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our objective is to provide a gift service that will excite and delight your gift recipient. We will do all we can to make sure that they are happy with your gift.

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What happens if a gift arrives damaged?

All your gift recipient has to do is call our toll free number and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent. Once again we will have the gift picked up and we will pay all the shipping charges both ways. Our customer service people are trained to make sure that your gift recipient is satisfied even in this rare and unfortunate circumstance.

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Can I get my company logo on the catalog cover?

Yes, we are connected with a printing house that specializes in doing custom catalog covers. We can have the cover printed with any design you would like in as many colors as you would like. Just tell us what you would like to do and we will get a quote to you within a few business days. In the past we have found that it is not very cost effective to do custom catalog covers in quantities of less than 200.

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Can I have a "Dream Book" with just a few levels of gifts?

Yes, you can have your "Dream Book" designed just the way you want it. Pick the gift levels you would like to use, plan the design for the cover and let us know. We will give you a quote on your special "Dream Book" in a few business days.

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We do not have a graphic designer. Can you help?

We surely can! Our printer has a staff of graphic designers available for such a project. Just give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will turn them loose to design a cover just for your program. The cost of this service will be included in the custom cover quote.

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How long does it take to get custom covers printed?

The usual time frame is 6 weeks. We have to go through the process of making proofs and have them approved, then print and bind your covers to the catalog bodies, then ship.

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How can I pay for my catalogs?

Depending on the quantity of your order you can use your Visa or MasterCard and order the catalogs right from our web site. Or you can phone us with your order at our toll free number. We also accept purchase orders for large orders and invoice you when the order is delivered. We can work out monthly invoicing for ongoing programs.

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I would like to keep some extra catalogs in my office. Do I have to pay for these up front?

No, with a program of this type we will supply you with a number of catalogs that you can keep in your office. We will invoice you when we receive a redemption order card from your program.

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I don't want a custom cover but I would like to personalize my gift catalogs. Can I do this?

Yes, a value added feature of our catalogs is a custom made insert sheet that is attached to the front of the catalog. These inserts come to you at no extra cost. Just tell us what you would like to say (up to 30 words) and we will make up the insert sheet and place them to your catalogs.

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Can I have my gift catalogs sent directly to my gift recipients?

Yes, simply provide us with mailing instructions, name, address and phone number.

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I saw an item in your catalog that is just what I want can I get 200 of the same item?

Yes, just let us know what you would like and how many and when you need them.

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Is there a way my employees can order their gifts using the internet?

Yes, we have a website setup just for that purpose, it is

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What if the catalog recipient lives outside the United States?

Like most good things there are limits. Due to the wide selection of gift items in our gift catalogs it becomes impractical to ship all the items around the world. The international shipping charges and the restrictions on importation of various items into different countries just does not work. We are sorry, but at this time our gift catalog system is not suited to sending gifts out of the United States.


However, if you find an individual item in one of our catalogs you would like to send outside of the United States, contact us at and we will send you a quote on the shipping charges.

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Can I get Express Service?

Did you forget that special date? Or did you just close that big deal? If you need a gift sent out for next day delivery, Gifts-To-Give Express Service can help. We can send a gift catalog to you overnight by next day air to the continental USA. This service is guaranteed overnight to arrive by 10:30 AM, noon, or end of next business day depending on destination. Check the Express Service box on your order form.


Shipping and Handling Charges for Express Service

A shipping and handling charge of $30.00 will be added to your invoice total if you choose the Express Service option.


Orders must be placed before 12:00 NOON EST Monday through Saturday.



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Things to Remember?

To get any group of people to all move in the same direction there must be something in it for each person. What will move one person may do nothing for the next. So it is vitally important that there be a large selection of incentives so that everyone will be able to find something for themselves.


Make the award worth the effort -- a coffee mug is great, but what did I have to do to get it?


Make the goals reachable and achievable for everyone and make them very clear.


Taking things away from people is always a bad idea. Incentives need to be always positive, adding to or making bigger and better will always work better.


Gift catalogs provide for all of this exactly without the unreasonable cost of warehousing the multitude of gift selections.

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Helpful information for planning an incentive program!

Flexibility Succeeds

When planning an incentive program, the number one consideration is flexibility. Your employees come in all different shapes and sizes, men and women, young and old. They are of different income levels and maybe different parts of the country. With all these differences it is truly very difficult to select one award that will satisfy everyone. The easy way out is to give cash, but it has long been known that cash does not carry the trophy quality and is surely a very short term incentive soon forgotten. Gift certificates are touted as being the answer, but if you will go back into your experience, have you ever used a gift certificate without it costing you some more money once you go to redeem it? It is the nature of people to always want more than the certificate is worth. The companies that issue them know this and they bank on the fact that your gift recipient will usually spend more than the gift certificate worth. For some the gift certificate is a turnoff because they know it will cost them to redeem it.


Gift catalogs on the other hand offer the flexibility that you need without the added expense to your recipient. People like name brands and they love the idea of selecting their own gift. They don't have to travel to a store to redeem their certificate, they can select their gift right from their own easy chair. This form of incentive has all the things that are needed to keep your incentive program flexible and insure success.

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Taxes -- Taxes -- Taxes--How to Save!

Employee Achievement Awards

Exclude from your employees income achievement awards if you qualify to deduct them. To be deducted as an employer and excluded for your employees, the award must meet all of the following requirement:


  1. Be given for length of service or safety achievement
  2. Be tangible personal property other than cash, gift certificates, or equivalent items
  3. Be given under conditions and circumstances that do not create a significant likelihood of the payment of disguised compensation
  4. Be given as part of a meaningful presentation
  5. Be no more than the specified dollar limits


Qualified Plan Award

A qualified plan award is one you are awarded as part of an established written plan by your employer that does not discriminate in favor of highly compensated employees. An award will not be considered a qualified plan award if the average cost of all employee achievement awards given by your employer during the tax year is more than $400. In determining average cost, awards of nominal value are not taken into account.


Dollar Limits

There are limits to the total awards you can exclude in one year. Awards from nonqualified plans are limited to $400, and total awards from both qualified and nonqualified plans are limited to $1,600. The cost to your employer is the determining factor for these limits. Amounts over the limits cannot be deducted by your employer and must be included in your income.



Ben Green received 3 employee achievement awards during the year: a nonqualified plan award of a watch valued at $250, and 2 qualified plan awards of a stereo valued at $1,000 and a set of golf clubs valued at $500. Assuming that the requirements for qualified plan awards are otherwise satisfied, each award by itself would be excluded from income. However, since the $1,750 total value of the awards is more that $1,600, Ben must include $150 ($1,750-$1,600) in his income.


Please check with your tax consultant for the most up to date information

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