What is a Gifts To Give gift catalog?

Gift Catalogs are a collection of identically priced name-brand merchandise, pictured in a full-color book. Every catalog comes with a redemption card good for one of any of the gifts depicted. Gift Catalog pricing includes the cost of the gift, shipping and handling to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States, the Deluxe Gift Booklet Presentation Packet, postage-paid order card, and instructions how to order online. Gift Catalogs are grouped by dollar value. This allows you to give each of your gift recipients a choice of many gift options, and ensures that they will pick a gift at the exact value you intended. Of course, this is accomplished without ever disclosing the actual value of the gift. Gift Catalog merchandise will clearly identify you as the giver, and your gift recipients will always remember where and how their gift was obtained. Over the years, each time they use the gift that they selected, a silent “Thank You” is heard. That constitutes a memory value for you and your company.

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